Sustainable Skincare, Simplified.

aN-hydra reimagines skincare with breakthrough waterless and sustainable formulas, developed by clean beauty Pioneer Susanne Langmuir.

The brand is the result of Langmuir's personal metamorphosis and the revaluation of her beauty and personal care products. She studied different beauty product ingredient lists and noticed they were often packed with preservatives and water. This sparked the idea for aN-hydra —a revolutionary skincare line that's made with innovative active ingredients by removing the water from the formula, which results in a cleaner, safer product. An-Hydra also uses alternatives to plastic packaging, responsible recycling, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

"An-hydra is water-activated. It's about this idea that when you remove the unnecessary ingredients—water and preservatives—you have the opportunity to load the entire formula with actives at high concentrations."

Susanne Langmuir
CEO & Founder of aN-Hydra